Swimming Pool Mixes

Swimming Pool Concrete Mixes

Swimming Pool Concrete Mixes

When you’re building a swimming pool, whether it’s in the backyard or for community or commercial use, it’s important to use a grade of concrete that doesn’t allow the water to permeate the structure. Concrete is composed of cement, aggregate, water and admixture chemicals, with the levels of each ingredient varying to produce a concrete suitable for its intended application. The leading concrete suppliers in Melbourne at Prestige Premix Concrete can produce and deliver readymade swimming pool concrete mixes to sites across Melbourne South East and Eastern Suburbs. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you with swimming pool mixes and other solutions, including coloured concrete in Melbourne and exposed aggregate concrete in Melbourne.

Quality Concrete for All Types of Swimming Pools

Prestige’s premixed concrete for swimming pools boasts a strength and water tightness often unseen in other concrete compositions for constructions or projects, making it suitable for all types of swimming pools.

To organise a quote for swimming pool concrete mixes with Prestige Premix Concrete, be sure to contact us today. We’re also a domestic Shotcrete specialist in Heathmont who can assist with all your Shotcrete requirements.