Shotcrete Supply in Melbourne

Shotcrete Suppliers

When you’re shopping around for concrete surface solutions that provide an alternative to the conventional options, Shotcrete might not always be first and foremost in mind. But at Prestige Premix Concrete, we understand just how versatile the material is; we supply commercial Shotcrete services for skate parks, professional Shotcrete solutions for retaining wall building, pool Shotcrete contractors and much more.

In addition to providing coloured concrete in Melbourne and exposed aggregate concrete in Melbourne, we specialise in Shotcrete supply for residents and businesses in:

  • Wantirna / Wantirna South
  • Heathmont
  • Bayswater / Bayswater North
  • Boronia
  • And surrounding suburbs

How is Shotcrete Applied or Laid?

Compared to most concrete formulations, Shotcrete is quite unique in that it is a concrete that get sprayed onto a surface rather than laid, spread out and smoothed over. The concrete is applied to the surface through a hose which is typically pneumatically directed at a high speed to a surface strengthened by steel rods or mesh. Shotcrete is generally applied in wet or dry mix options. If you need professional shotcrete equipment and services for your civil, domestic or commercial construction project, contact the leading concrete suppliers in Melbourne at Prestige Premix Concrete.

Benefits and Common Uses for Shotcrete

Shotcrete as a concrete application process is favoured for its high strength and low permeability. It’s these properties that make shotcrete popular for a range of applications, including in-ground swimming pools, retaining walls, underground tunnelling and skate parks. When it comes to the construction of swimming pools, Shotcrete refers to the wet mix process, while for the application of dry mix, the process is called gunite. These names are not interchangeable, unlike in other applications where Shotcrete refers to both wet and dry mix application.

Prestige Premix Concrete provides Shotcrete services across Melbourne. Whether you’re looking for a domestic Shotcrete specialist in Heathmont, civil Shotcrete suppliers in Wantirna or quality Shotcrete systems in Bayswater, contact us today to learn more or obtain a quote.