High MPa Mixes

High MPa Mixes

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Concrete comes in a range of strengths to suit different purposes. These strengths are all determined by their Megapascal (MPa) rating, with anything higher than 40 MPa considered to be high strength concrete. If you’re looking for high MPa concrete mix for a specific purpose, contact Prestige Premix Concrete for expert service and advice. As leading concrete suppliers in Melbourne, we can help you with high MPa mixes, coloured concrete in Melbourne, exposed aggregate concrete in Melbourne and much more.

Uses for High MPa Concrete Mixes

High strength concrete typically possesses at least one or more of the following characteristics: low shrinkage, low porosity, high elasticity and high strength. It’s because of these properties that high strength concrete can withstand loads that regular concrete cannot, which is why it’s commonly used in the construction of bridges, the building of high rise structures, the erection of columns (particularly on lower building floors), and much more.

If you’d like to discuss your needs for high MPa concrete, or if you simply want to place an order, get in touch with Prestige Premix Concrete today. We also have a domestic Shotcrete specialist in Heathmont who can advise you on all your Shotcrete needs.