Standard/Normal Class Concrete

Standard/Normal Class Concrete

Concrete Suppliers Melbourne

When you’re looking for a readymade concrete that handles everyday use just fine, you can trust Prestige Premix Concrete to get the job done with our Standard Class concrete. Our normal class concrete strikes the perfect balance between maintaining its high-quality appearance and handling the pressures of everyday use. Whatever your need for standard class concrete, call our concrete suppliers in Melbourne today to order.

The Concrete for Everyday Use

Standard class concrete is best laid in applications where it will receive daily usage and therefore needs to maintain a certain level of quality. We provide it for builders and developers ordering for low-level commercial use, for the building of pathways and footpaths, and for the laying of house slabs in newly developed areas. We can also provide coloured concrete in Melbourne as well as exposed aggregate concrete in Melbourne.

Get in touch with Prestige Premix Concrete today for affordable yet high-quality standard/normal class concrete for your building or development project. You can also speak with our domestic Shotcrete specialist in Heathmont.