About Us

Boasting more than 21 years of industry experience across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, with his Prestige Civil Group and Prestige Paving business Patrick O’Sullivan has made a name for himself as one of the premier pavers in town. Our latest venture is Prestige Premix Concrete – a supplier of premixed concrete for commercial projects, civil construction works and domestic work. We can provide different types of concrete for a variety of different applications, always ensuring it’s of the highest quality.

Safety First and Foremost – Always

Safety is of paramount concern with all Prestige projects, which is why all staff members undergo regular training and update their accreditations to ensure the safest and best practice each and every time. Our machinery is also regularly serviced, including any equipment we have, guaranteeing that it’s completely safe to use in appropriate conditions.


Prestige Premix Concrete services commercial, civil construction or any domestic customer needing Premix concrete. Contact us for a quote today.